About Us

Salim Chowdhury  has founded Brain Station in the year 2018. He is a Bangladeshi born entrepreneur  with a strong passion for innovation and technology. Salim earned his BSc in Information System and MSc in Data Mining and he is currently pursuing an MBA. He has more than 20 years of experience across IT project management activities, leads transnational teams and cultivates business relationships. Salim has led multiple international projects for clients based in the US, Japan, South Korea, Middle East and UK. He is a strong advocate of entrepreneurship in the domain of Big Data, Cloud computing, Machine Learning & VR products that are driving the next industrial revolution leveraging on converging internet technologies.

Tiziana Garigali is the Strategy and Business Development Director of Brain Station, and holds a master degree in technical and scientific translation studies. She speaks English and French and is currently perfecting her Spanish and Russian language skills whilst pursuing an MBA degree. Tiziana has spent most of her adult life in Rome, Paris and London where she has worked closely with business leaders from different industries. Tiziana is passionate about social entrepreneurship, her love for entrepreneurship and people knows no boundaries. Tiziana plans to help grow the Brain Station ecosystem in London by hosting amazing events and bringing multiple industries together for cross collaboration.

Deb Datta is empowering Brain Station as a Director of Finance. Deb holds his MBA with Marketing as well as completed his MSc in Investment and Risk Finance  from University of Westminster and BSc in Business Finance from University of East London. He is also a member of CFA institute.

Sanya Choudhury is the VR project coordinator for special education. She is currently working with a special education school in London as well as pursuing her MA in Education with the University of East London. Sanya has completed her BA in English from Sheffield Hallam University and worked with UK Border Agency as an admin until 2010.

Mission: Our mission is strengthening and diversifying the pipeline of young and adult students that will one day shape and lead our world. Transforming and improving the lives of our students is our utmost goal, and we couldn’t ask for better allies than the various schools and organisations across the country and continents to achieve our objective.

Our Core values: Our core values provide the basis for Brain Station’s mission. They shape the way we pursue our vision and underpin the way we behave with each other as well as the way we interact with the world around us.

Our core values are:

  • Efficiency and Professionalism – we aim to treat people with dignity and respect always adhering to the highest personal and professional standards in the pursuit of business efficiency.
  • Transparency – our policies, procedures and processes conform to the highest standards of governance and will stand the test of probity.
  • Innovation – we actively seek creative excellence to achieve change for the better.
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