Python programmes

Python Coder (Age 10 – 15)

  • Project design – theory and practice for designing a simple game or app
  • Fundamentals of coding – key concepts and structure of languages and projects
  • Coding – participants will learn to code in Python, work on mini-projects, building graphical interfaces, games and problem-solving routines.
  • Project Management – Designing, implementing, testing, iterating and debugging their own project

Teen Coding With Python II (Age 14-17)
Advanced Teen Python Programming Course

  • Write modular, reusable code by using Python functions and modules
  • Understand errors and exceptions
  • Learn about concepts of inheritance and operator overloading
  • Learn how to do basic testing using basic password & security systems checkers
  • Use your programming to mine large information & data-sets
  • Learn to use Python’s more powerful coding constructs including regular expressions, data structures and object-oriented programming.
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